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March 24, 2011 by TYCUS
It is incredible that the only time i get back to wincustomize is to only report a ripper that is not only giving out ripped stuff but also serial numbers of CursorFX....



read the last comment: 


(Image removed - showed identity/web address). (Moderator) (Erk)



hope you are doing ok people i know you miss me, hhahaahha.

May 4, 2009 by TYCUS
I have never complain about the adds of this site, but this one is really out of place:


...and sounds licke fun, who want to join me and reinstall windows two or even three times?
April 18, 2009 by TYCUS
Would you like to share an epic win with us? anything can be added, pictures, texts, skins and even songs.., here is mone:


to me, that IS an epic win!
April 14, 2009 by TYCUS
ok., to much hot blood this past days at the forum..., you just need to relax a bit.




December 15, 2008 by TYCUS
Deviantart subscribers! Did you already check out the new futures personal site?



This is only a beta and available only for subscribers!
August 19, 2008 by TYCUS
i cant find WB skin Tronix by Mike Bryant..., any help?
July 31, 2008 by TYCUS
Ok, right now i'm over my first WB skin., but i dont have any clue in how to creat an animated start button, i want to make use of one of my animations from EvolveFX (Busy.., if you haven't seen it take a look: ), i've seen that Molten has an animated start button but i can figure out how it was made


..any help?


March 23, 2008 by TYCUS
if you are the kind of person with alot of free time.., you should then try to do this kind if videos: Call of Duty 4
November 30, 2007 by TYCUS
..if i buy object desktop right now(or by tomorrow), what would i get as an extra? how many free updates will i get from which program(if there are such a thing)?

..or should i just wait?

Right now i'm running Vista H.Premium so i want to know which programs will work with this Vista vertion, and., CursorXP is added on OD?
November 11, 2007 by TYCUS
hi everyone, today i started to build my new pc from zero and i'm done but when i try to start it, it didn't do it, it just start to make 5 short beeps and then other two or three long beeps, i thought that it was just little error but then when i try to restart it again the pc make the same noice again, the only clue to me was that the video card was making an error(i search on the net for the meaning of theat noice), but when i opened my pc and see what was the problem i didn't see anything r...
September 29, 2007 by TYCUS
so this is how it works:


search on the net like at or and find a video that for you is realy funny, then came back in here and make a comment with the link to that video, try to explain it then show up the link.

Let me start:

Star Wars

September 18, 2007 by TYCUS
after all, i finaly make the move, noew that i try windows vista home premium i just needed to move on into a new system.., right now i'm selling my PC, my first pc that i build by my self., with this old friend i creat some great skins and enjoy some good games., but well, i just needed a big change. The old computer had this:

CPU case has 5 fans: 2 on the front, 2 on the back and 1 in a side

the motherboard is an intel d845perl(this might be the oldest part of my pc)

it is a pent...
June 8, 2007 by TYCUS
you have to see it, try it and.....


The Best
April 14, 2007 by TYCUS
during the last years I’ve get allot of spam from many annoying people(spammers), and during does years I’ve seen many arguments just to make me show my personal info., now, today i receive a new spam, take a look and see this kind of people can do just to get your info.., they don’t have a limit:Dearest One,

Actually I did not want to discuss this matter with you before but after fasting and prayer I just decided to contact you for your help, please I real need your help. I am 20 years old ...
November 6, 2006 by TYCUS
almost one year.., yes, it already pass almost one year since i get the first spam or mails from the same person or people (maybe is more than one)...., Yahoo's spam filter works realy good when we talk about spam or trash mails.., but it wont work if the same people send me that same #(/&*, from other emial account..., the mail is realy simple:

Hi my name is "blabla",

i'm from the "blabla" bank of Africa and i would like to inform u that we............, etc etc etc.., (i wont wright t...