In here you will see how the Red Eye skins can change the appearance of your computer!
Just three steps.
Published on October 27, 2005 By TYCUS In Internet
Yes, it´s true, you can speed up your computer 20% more!

But how? Well, now i´m going to tell how...:

Step 1:
Go into the start button:

Step 2:
Go to execute button and tipe "gpedit.msc"(without the " "...):

Step 3:
A new window will appear: "Board of group", in there look for the option: "Administrative insoles(staff)".:

Step 4:
In there open "Web" folder and then look for an option that says: "QoS":

Step 5:
In QoS folder, go and select the option "Limit of reserved bandwidth" and now a new window will oppen, in that window be shure to select the second option(enable), and then go down to the option "Limit of bandwidth" and tipe "1".:

And that is all! Just press Ok button and your internet will speed up 20% more! But..., why just 20%? The reasson is that you system use 20% of you internet connection for other things(chat, updates..., etc.).


on Oct 27, 2005
Does this work for dialup?
on Oct 27, 2005
I have DSL and I must say there is a big difference.
on Oct 27, 2005
NOPE! just DSL and high speed connection..., dont ask me why...
on Oct 28, 2005
gpedit.msc isn't there for me.
on Oct 28, 2005
No 'gpedit.msc' in XP home ed.
on Oct 28, 2005
Not there for me either and I also have XP Home.
on Oct 28, 2005
This only works in PRO because there is no gpedit.msc under XP Home.
on Oct 30, 2005
Can someone send me English Directions for this. I cannot understand this spanish.
on Oct 31, 2005
Can you please help me with this? I have XP Professional. I cannot figure this out. Plus it's all in spanish. How did you do this?
on Oct 31, 2005
For XP Home Users:

Rightclick on your Desktop -> New Textdocument.
Copy/Paste the following Text into the "New Textdocument.txt" :

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Rename "New Textdocument.txt" to "QoS.reg". Doubleclick "QoS.reg". Reboot.

For undo the changes open regedit and delete the key "Psched" in

on Oct 31, 2005
Wow, good one maddonx4u!
on Oct 31, 2005
Ok. But what if I already have said dword at said value (0)? can I get any faster?
on Oct 31, 2005
nope...., since you need a true value for real use for other things that your pc need from internet connection...
on Feb 05, 2006
mucho gracious Tycus & really does boost a hardwired DSL @ 10mbs to something close to my wi-fi @ 50mbs;had to manually edit the registry as the notepad thing didn't take but Maddox's roadmap was pretty clear to simply run "regedit" then open the appropriate reg key, add the new subfolder & change the value to Maddox's...excellent work on this heads up dudes