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Published on November 11, 2007 By TYCUS In Personal Computing
hi everyone, today i started to build my new pc from zero and i'm done but when i try to start it, it didn't do it, it just start to make 5 short beeps and then other two or three long beeps, i thought that it was just little error but then when i try to restart it again the pc make the same noice again, the only clue to me was that the video card was making an error(i search on the net for the meaning of theat noice), but when i opened my pc and see what was the problem i didn't see anything relevant at all! the two dvd drivers where connected in the correct way(the DVD player was placed as the master driver and the DVD driver was placed as the slave driver), the power cables were placed in the correct way in all the drivers(i also check the two power cables that are connected to the motherboard and both where placed in the correct place). After checking every single detail i try to start again my pc, but now i didn't heard any sound and the monitor just didn't react(yes, it was ON...).

i follow all the guides from all the drivers...., am i missing something?

this are the drivers i'm using:
>Gateway 19" HD Widescreen Display
>Motherboard Intel DP35DP
>Power supply 750W
>Intel Quad Core 2 - 2.4GHZ
>2 DDR2 800Mhz 1.8V (1gb each)
>Video Card: Fatality 8600 (fanless)
>LG DVD Player
>Samsung DVD-RW
>Multi-memory cards reader
>One Sata2 HD 500Gb
all of this in a NZXT Lexa pc case.

any idea? a clue of what might be the problem?

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on Nov 11, 2007
is your monitor hooked up to the computer?
on Nov 11, 2007
yes..., i thought in that too but it was connected in the correct way.., but tell me, if the pc dont make a sound at all is good or bad? since the monitor is not showing a thing i'm not sure of this...
on Nov 11, 2007
nevermind, too slow
on Nov 11, 2007
the power cables that connect to the motherboard, are you using the 4-pin or 8-pin connector? intel tech support told me once that unless you have an Extreme series cpu, to use a 4-pin adapter and not the 8-pin. a quad core is not a member of the Extreme series. also, does your mobo need a third power connection using a regular 4-pin molex?
on Nov 11, 2007
The 4 pin molex is power for the CPU. Like Whip said, make sure it's connected.
on Nov 11, 2007
the DP35DP motherboard is part of the media series, and i'm not quite sure about the 4 or 8 pin connector, i only conect 2, a scuare one(i guess this one the 4-pin cable) and a long one..., at the guide it says that this scuare one is the ATX connector(2 x 2 Power) and the other one is the main power connector(2 x 12)
on Nov 11, 2007
What brand of power supply is it?
on Nov 11, 2007
Could be faulty ram, try switching the memory around to different slots. If that doesn't work try taking one ram stick out and so on..

e/ Ah videocard, there is a power connector for it, is that plugged in? It'll give you a nice big beepy mess if it isn't. If it wasn't plugged in there is a very big chance your motherboard and or videocard could be damaged....
on Nov 11, 2007
the video card doesn't have a power connector, i search fisicaly for it.
on Nov 11, 2007
Ah, just took a look at the videocard. You are correct, no power connector for it.

If I had to give a guess I'd say this was a memory issue. Could be one of two things, a bad memory stick or a bad memory slot on the motherboard.
on Nov 11, 2007
Take all the expansion cards out except the video, use only one stick of ram, unplug all your drives HDD's and CD Rom's. Boot into BIOS, load Failsafe Settings and reboot.Does it go to POST?
on Nov 11, 2007
Also, by any chance is this plugged in:
on Nov 11, 2007
if tha tis a pic of his mobo, i guess he doesn't have an 8-pin connection. a 4-pin is the only way to go. also, i don't see a molex connector anywhere.
on Nov 11, 2007
Astyanax0, that's my motherboard and yes that is the ATX power connector, can you see that white and long connector at the right side of the ram slots? that's the other power connector, following the motherboard guide that's the main power connector.
on Nov 11, 2007
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