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Published on April 14, 2007 By TYCUS In Internet

during the last years I’ve get allot of spam from many annoying people(spammers), and during does years I’ve seen many arguments just to make me show my personal info., now, today i receive a new spam, take a look and see this kind of people can do just to get your info.., they don’t have a limit:

Dearest One,

Actually I did not want to discuss this matter with you before but after fasting and prayer I just decided to contact you for your help, please I real need your help. I am 20 years old Girl. I leave with yunger brother and we leave alone because we don't want the people who killed my late Father, to kill us too. I will be very happy if you promised me that you will keep this secret until this money arrival your care in your country.
My late Father deposited one trunk of box with a security company here before his dead and because of situation of political crisis here that led to war going on here in my country, we need some body that I will trust to come in and help me and my brother claim this consignment out from the company for the safety of my property that was deposited under there custody. Please I am contacting you for your assistance, to help me and my brother because we don't have anyone in here to help us and I don't have money to travel from here to any country please I need your assistance to stand by me and my brother and help us to transfer the box to your for future investment. You will contact the security company as Miss Flora Abe foreign partner who want to help me and claim the box that was deposited by late Father MR David Abe from Republic of sierra Leone.
My late Father did not declared the real content of the box to the security company officials. He only told them that the box is containing family valuables. You are the only person I have sent this message across to. I will like you to keep the secret until this box arrive your country.
You have to promise me that you will not betray me and my brother when this box is under your care.I will send the documents and the security company contact to you once you accept to help me and my brother. You have to give me your private phone and fax number to enable me to send the documents to you. The money inside the trunk box is Nine Millions Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($9.5 Millions Dollars).
I will offer you 10% for the total sum of amount, if you help me and claim this box from the security company. You will also provide investment programme where the money will be invested properly when it arrival your hand safely.
I wait to hear from you.
May God bless you.
Flora & Tony.


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on Apr 14, 2007
You are *SO* lucky!

I, however, have mail for free meds that will keep Flora satisfied for HOURS!    
on Apr 14, 2007
I keep getting E-Mails from people in South Africa asking to become business partners and they keep saying that I'll get 30% profits from a *multimillion dollar corporative dealing*....
on Apr 14, 2007
I keep getting E-Mails from people in South Africa asking to become business partners and they keep saying that I'll get 30% profits from a *multimillion dollar corporative dealing*....

Same here...
on Apr 14, 2007
I've been to Sierra Leone and I can say that noone in that crap hole has 9 million + dollars. And they're sneaky bastages too. We were evacuating personnel due to a rebel uprising in '96. We took a ship load of em up the coast, dropped em off and by the time we got back down there, we were taking on people who had hat's and shirts that bore the name of our ship that they had gotten on the first trip! Sneaky bastages, just wanted a hot meal and a free ride.
on Apr 14, 2007
Unfortunately there are some who will fall for that....greed....These crooks though usually attract the hard up more often than not. And cases are now being brought to the small claims courts as a result of someone asking a friend to use their bank account to cash the fake checks or money orders.

With 5 separate e-mail accounts for 3 yrs I have not received any of these. Someone posted a link to scambusters in the forums...went to the site...does not actually stop them but funny reading on how you at at least get to irate the heck out of them.

I, however, have mail for free meds that will keep Flora satisfied for HOURS!

It's My Secret
on Apr 14, 2007
Yes, like the Yahoo scam. Has anyone gotten that. It looks very official and it said I had won $500,000.00 Well I of course I Googled it and found out it was a scam, but the guy got my Yahoo IM name and everytime I was on he was bugging me. Saying there was a 900.00 transfer fee and if I sent him that money he would tranfer the funds into my back account. Oh, Ya, that was a good one. I finially figured out how to block him.
Wow that was a pain in the you know what. Since, I have heard of a lot of people that have gotten it. But you know I couldn't find a way to report it to Yahoo. Strange??
on Apr 14, 2007
I've been to Sierra Leone and I can say that noone in that crap hole has 9 million + dollars.

The entire population of Sierra Leone wouldn't have $9.5 between it, much less the handful of 'poor unfortunates?' whose families have been 'murdered?' by the gov't.

When living in Tasmania, I was speaking with a refugee from Sierra Leone about the scam emails from these 'so-called' unfortunates, and she said that they wouldn't be originating from there as 95% of the population is living in such dire poverty they wouldn't know what a computer is, much less have access to or know how to operate one.

It's widely reported that 99.999% of these emails originate from Nigeria, and my conversation with the Sierra Leone refugee supported this. After fleeing Sierras Leone she spent 16 months in Nigeria, and while awaiting relocation she said that she noticed dozens upon dozens of internet cafes where scammers (kitted out with the finest Western clothing, mobile phones & iPods) congregate and pump out millions of begging emails. She also stated that these people ply their trade openly and without fear of the authorities and police....because they will turn a blind eye for a fee or a share of the proceeds.

And they're sneaky bastages too.

They're not all that way...or perhaps wouldn't be if there were an opportunity for them to survive and prosper without having to steal/scam. The lady I spoke with (and I say lady because she is raising two children alone and has risen from the depths of poverty and the murder of her husband by gov't troops with dignity) has prospered from her own efforts, rather than through welfare or the good will/charity of others....

During the time I knew her (about 3 years) she worked 2 jobs to keep & furnish the roof over their heads, to put herself and both children through school and eventually buy a second-hand car. Now that is quite an accomplishment for someone who fled her homeland with nothing but the clothes on her back.
on Apr 15, 2007
i just got this (i copied the HTML so im not sure if it will work or not...)

im starting to hate spam a lot...

(took out the HTML because it interfered with the page)

anyway it was one of those advertisements for free airline trips and such
on Apr 15, 2007
anyway it was one of those advertisements for free airline trips and such

Some time ago I was getting inundated with spam for FREE Viagara....

and wished it'd go away.....

but now.....

later in life....

not a single one....

Oh how I wish I'd listened to "be careful of what you wish for????"
on Apr 15, 2007

Lucky Winner,


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Margaret Ferguson

I live in the US......
on Apr 15, 2007
lol, good to see we all keep winning the 'lottery', i myself have won over 50 million euros,dollars,pounds etc etc in the last year alone. then why is it that i can't pay me electricity bill . i keep getting spam from some nigerian diplomat who wants me to put 20 million in my account for him. ahhh isn't the internet grand eh
on Apr 15, 2007
ive gotten some like that before
on Apr 15, 2007
I just reply with a polite FU&# OFF A$$HOLE
on Apr 15, 2007
hey i might do that next time, thanks for the inspiration
on Apr 16, 2007

In honor of this occasion, I have cleaned out my spam folder in GMail. One day someone will come up with a way to completely eradicate spammers...until then...filter!