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Published on September 21, 2006 By TYCUS In Personal Computing
hi all,

i was readying the thread of Island Dog, about the new CATALYST update and i was planning to update the vertion that i have.., and since i replase the old IDE HD with a new SATA HD i just notice that i didn't have the new vertion of .NET (it is .NET something)., so i go into the microsoft site and download the new vertion becouse it is needed to install the new CATALYST., the download finish correctly but when i start the instalation it start but then it stops(without showing any window).., the first thing that i do is just wait , thinking that my pc is working., but i wait like an hour without any change! during the time i wait, the system was working ok, Opera, I.E. 7 and other softwares were working wihtout any issue.., i dont know what's wrong....

...need your help again guys   

on Sep 21, 2006
I don't know if it will help or not, but I've had luck going to M.S.'s site and searching for the download manually....then installing it. (Not using MS Update) I've never had to do this with my own computer though. I run XP, the computers I speak of had 2000 Pro and XP Media.

You can also check to make sure that your Background Intelligence isn't disabled in services. That can cause a host of problems too.

I doubt that this will help, but no one else has answered so I thought I'd give it a shot.


EDIT: I found this link....maybe it will help.

Good luck.   
on Sep 21, 2006
What graphics card do you have? It will do that if the card you have is not supported.
on Sep 21, 2006
Also ati has the version .net [2.0]on there website the you can download with the new drivers.Also i hope install's went well for you
on Sep 21, 2006
i have the Ati RADEON 9550, in the ati's site says that it is supported.
on Sep 21, 2006
Yes i would just download from ati it will tell you if you have 2.0 or not on your comp. when you open the file it will ask to repair or remove if you have 2.0 already.If it does click cancel since it means you have it.If it asks to install then yes you need it and let it install.but since it froze on you when you tried it last time from MS that means you probably have it that is probably why it froze