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October 11, 2006 by TYCUS
i update zone alarm firewall and now i cant see any preview nor a animated icon! i try to figure out the way to make it work by changing each option but nothing works....  

..need help again guys!


September 21, 2006 by TYCUS
hi all,

i was readying the thread of Island Dog, about the new CATALYST update and i was planning to update the vertion that i have.., and since i replase the old IDE HD with a new SATA HD i just notice that i didn't have the new vertion of .NET (it is .NET something)., so i go into the microsoft site and download the new vertion becouse it is needed to install the new CATALYST., the download finish correctly but when i start the instalation it start but then it stops(without showing any wi...
November 11, 2007 by TYCUS
hi everyone, today i started to build my new pc from zero and i'm done but when i try to start it, it didn't do it, it just start to make 5 short beeps and then other two or three long beeps, i thought that it was just little error but then when i try to restart it again the pc make the same noice again, the only clue to me was that the video card was making an error(i search on the net for the meaning of theat noice), but when i opened my pc and see what was the problem i didn't see anything r...
September 18, 2007 by TYCUS
after all, i finaly make the move, noew that i try windows vista home premium i just needed to move on into a new system.., right now i'm selling my PC, my first pc that i build by my self., with this old friend i creat some great skins and enjoy some good games., but well, i just needed a big change. The old computer had this:

CPU case has 5 fans: 2 on the front, 2 on the back and 1 in a side

the motherboard is an intel d845perl(this might be the oldest part of my pc)

it is a pent...
August 7, 2006 by TYCUS
no, this is not a joke., Bill Gates is gonna yield his throne!

It seems that Mr. Bill Gates is gonna take some time for him and put some order to his priorities; you can read the complete text in here: WWW Link