In here you will see how the Red Eye skins can change the appearance of your computer!
Published on April 14, 2009 By TYCUS In Internet

ok., to much hot blood this past days at the forum..., you just need to relax a bit.





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on Apr 16, 2009

ok, here are a new round of Funny Motivational Posters:



now some non-motivational posters...:


A good example of Rocket Science ->

Hmmm... decisions, decisions!  

Two faces to Joker: Jesus Crist Joker! I told to turn right, RIGHT! we have to wait 2 miles till the next turn.

on Apr 16, 2009


on Apr 16, 2009

on Apr 16, 2009

ok., my last two:


or not?




on Apr 16, 2009


on Apr 20, 2009

i know, i know.., i said that comment 19 was my last one but.., i couldn't resist to show this picture:

on Apr 20, 2009

..and this one will make you melt down