In here you will see how the Red Eye skins can change the appearance of your computer!
Published on November 30, 2007 By TYCUS In Object Desktop
..if i buy object desktop right now(or by tomorrow), what would i get as an extra? how many free updates will i get from which program(if there are such a thing)?

..or should i just wait?

Right now i'm running Vista H.Premium so i want to know which programs will work with this Vista vertion, and., CursorXP is added on OD?
on Nov 30, 2007
ODNT components

"A year of free updates!

When you purchase Object Desktop, you automatically get a 1-year subscription to, You not only get all of the features Object Desktop has today, but all of the features for the next year. This means all updates and new programs added to it you automatically get during that year. And what you download is yours forever. At the end of the year, you can continue your subscription or stick with what you already have. "

CursorXP isn't included in ODNT, and neither is ObjectDock. I think someone made a thread about Vista compatible components somewhere...
on Nov 30, 2007
CursorXP isn't included in ODNT, and neither is ObjectDock

...well, what about CursorFX? i heard that it will run on Vista
on Nov 30, 2007
looking at Stardock site cursorFX is not out yet so that must be a NO
on Nov 30, 2007
The CursorFX launch is imminent. It is not planned to be a part of Object Desktop at this time.
on Nov 30, 2007
The CursorFX launch is imminent

good to hear that, Seabass, did you guys at stardock had already choose the cursor themes for the launch of cursorfx?
on Dec 01, 2007
No but there has been a huge build up of themes for the launch. I even got to throw a few in myself. Not all of them are going to go out in the package however. Some will be added to for the public to play with. Also as a side note as of this moment the two different cursor themes can open in both programs. However this is not to be taken as law becuase the final version is not fully ready yet. If enough tool updates occur then XP cursors won't work in FX.
on Dec 01, 2007
Just curious Tycus but you've been here at WC a while now. I've dl some of your cursor themes from here and DA. You are a Master Apprentice here at WC, why would you have to ask about Object Desktop? I'm sure the time you've been here you would know what OD is all about.

Remember I'm just curious.  
on Dec 02, 2007
ALMonty, i've just try some of the OD apps., like WB. Yesturday i finaly buy WB and try it with my new computer...., it's great and even bettery than the free to try vertion that i had..., but since i'm running Vista i couldn't find a skin with what i want(like certain colors setup and other items that vista shows...), i'm not saying that the wb skins that we can find at the gallery are cool and great.., i'm just saying that we need more skins for Vista and yes, i know that it's a matter of time for that to happend, i mean, maybe just 60% of the skinners in this site have Vista and half of them are making skins for this new OS and the other half are skinnning for XP...

...and well, threads like this are always helpful for new users that came into the site, dont u think so?


Thankx for the reply Seabass, i would like to try the free vertion of CursorFX soon...., i've notice that now that i have Vista, the strange bug on CursorXP that makes it crash every time i try to change between themes is gone.., i dont know why but it's working fine now....
on Dec 03, 2007
Well working fine works in my book. Just let us know if you need further help. Let us know at