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Published on September 18, 2007 By TYCUS In Personal Computing

after all, i finaly make the move, noew that i try windows vista home premium i just needed to move on into a new system.., right now i'm selling my PC, my first pc that i build by my self., with this old friend i creat some great skins and enjoy some good games., but well, i just needed a big change. The old computer had this:

CPU case has 5 fans: 2 on the front, 2 on the back and 1 in a side

the motherboard is an intel d845perl(this might be the oldest part of my pc)

it is a pentium 4 ht 2.8ghz

2Gb of ram ddr 400

2 sata HD: 160 & 200 Gb

a 7.1 sound card

an Ati Sapphire x1650pro (agp) 512Mb

10/100 lan & fax/modem

a dvd-rw

6 usb 2.0

and many other goods.


i know, this pc might be good, but back in 2005 it was the top between the non-comertial pc's (i guess).

but to make a big jump i needed to creat a new pc with the best of the best and this what i'm building now:

CPU case:


Intel processor:

video card: GeForce 8800 (what? look for it!)

dvd-rw + dvd-r

19" widescreen (samsung) lcd monitor

logitech mx 5000 laser keyboard and mouse

2 gb ram ddr2 800(to begin)

the same speakers: logitech x-530

...did i miss something?

now what i need is a good guide to follow on the instalation, couse this will be the first time i start from zero     


when i complete the setup and try all its power i will be ready to return as a skinner   

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on Sep 18, 2007
WOW! That's some case.

It's pricey but well worth the price. My son has it on his gaming machine and he loves it... I plan on getting one, One of theses days.
on Sep 19, 2007
Here's the case to get!  It's a Lian-Li v1200b. I have one without the window. I'm not really into windows altho I do reroute wires and cables in order to keep everything inside the case nice and tidy. It's by far the best case I've ever owned.