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Published on November 6, 2006 By TYCUS In Living in Cyberspace

almost one year.., yes, it already pass almost one year since i get the first spam or mails from the same person or people (maybe is more than one)...., Yahoo's spam filter works realy good when we talk about spam or trash mails.., but it wont work if the same people send me that same #(/&*, from other emial account..., the mail is realy simple:

Hi my name is "blabla",

i'm from the "blabla" bank of Africa and i would like to inform u that we............, etc etc etc.., (i wont wright the whole thing...)


...i'm tired of this.., and i guess that the only solution to get out of this is just get a new emial., the thing is that it will be a matter of time to get this kind of trash again   



...damn, i hate spam!   ...mmh, it would be ok if i reply one of their mails., with a virus on it (just kidding)?     

on Nov 10, 2007
When a country like Nigeria is found to have an inordinately high concentration of spammers/scammers why can't their net connections be severed or 100% filtered
until they clean the rodents out?
Wouldn't that be a more worthwhile function for the UN instead of the superpower puppetry
that usually goes on there? I'm not referring to humanitarian functions.
on Dec 27, 2007
I don't think it would work. Spammers would just move, and they're never all in the same country at the same time anyway. It wouldn't work  
on Dec 27, 2007
What I do to avoid spam is this. Create a throwaway email address on hotmail. Then when your asked for an email address just use that one. This way you get the info or whatever it was you were wanting. Then if you should start getting spam at that address you know for sure that the company you just dealt with has sold your email address. Then you can either confront them with it or delete the address and make another throwaway or just delete all incoming mail at that account. I never ever give my main address for anything except for things I purchase here at WC...and I never get spam as a far.

Another thing...don't ever allow anyone to start sending you those cutesy FWD's that end up spreading your address all over the internet. Anyone on my email list that ever starts doing that gets deleted and blocked.
on Dec 27, 2007
don't ever allow anyone to start sending you those cutesy FWD's that end up spreading your address all over the internet.

I never thought of it that way. I always lived under the delusion that as long as I deleted them, I would be okay, but no - my email address lives on as it is forwarded by the retards...