In here you will see how the Red Eye skins can change the appearance of your computer!
Published on September 10, 2006 By TYCUS In OS Customization
i dont know if there is someone with this kind of problems but, many times when i creat a skin(logon, wall, bootskin, beatnick or cursor.., in my case), it just dont work .., the most recent issue that i have was with a new project that i call "Mecha", another series of cursors with some mechanical effects (like gears, neon lights.., etc), the first step to creat a cursor is., well, just creat the model in my imagination then i just creat it..., but the problem is that when i finish the 3d model (with 3ds max), i notice that is not functional..., it looks cool and i realy get what i want, but it wont work as a skin..., just as a model....

right now i'm out of my city, but i'll try to post some pics of those cursor themes to explain my self even more...

the Q. is: do anyone have this problems..?
on Sep 10, 2006
Quite a lot yes. A designers rut?

Sometimes at night when dreaming I think up a snazzy idea for the future and the next morning/days/weeks you just can't get the idea visually down, but its still imprinted into your mind though you can still see your thought looks wicked.
Or sometimes its the reverse, what was cool in your mind turned out better visually in whatever editor.
The thing that bugs me about this is when I've done something on this style I can't find myself ever using this. It's too busy overly flashy or bloated plus extremely distracting. Infact that has happened with all my stuff.

Perhaps designers has entered an era where simple is most pleasing? Whats the point in making something overly flashy when you'll only use it for a few minutes... or is it perhaps because you the designer has seen the entire process pixel for pixel? As to the end user they only see the finished product.

Though there is skill involved for making sci-fi/techno-minimal style and still be practical... but most end up making it too bloated and far from everyday use!
on Sep 10, 2006
are you exporting?