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Published on August 23, 2006 By TYCUS In OS Customization
Hi this is Tycus, during the past months i have been working on a proyect that begin as something little and kindda simple.., but this proyect start growing and growing since April..., mainly, the proyect was about four cursors that could represent the four basic elements of earth(i know.., that not so original), but the thing is that i start using some new effects i didn't see, like explotions with fire balls and a ring wave growing during the explotion.., other effect that i just love and took me alot of time to make it work was the water effect, but well, let me show you what i have done!

Here are my four greates cursor themes: Sparkles, Water Radiance, Red Flame and Terranove.

My original idea of the shape and the effects of each cursor took me alot of time to.., imaginate? no no., i guess to "devise"! The thing is that when i was finishing a cursor theme that i named Sonic there was a set of cursors by Sleeping Dragon that use the same topic(the four dragons of each element i guess), they where realy cool.., and well., i creat my own set of cursors using 3ds Max 7. Maybe for some of you, this kind of thread might seem useless., but since i make this thing so big i will continue....

Other thing that i'm starting to do is the tutorials where i will explain the entire thing of how to do each effect that i use on the four cursors.

Today i finish the first one and well., i didn't just wright it., i take a video tutorial that i hope that it will help alot during the written steps: WWW Link

Now please enjoy my cursors!

note: sry if my grammar sucks
on Aug 23, 2006
btw.., i use this widget since it was posted: WWW Link

it help me alot!
on Aug 23, 2006
Great looking cursors. I'm using Terranove now - gets 5 stars from me   
on Aug 23, 2006
I lkie the one with the earth under it - is that terranova?
on Aug 23, 2006
Yeah, that's the 'wait' cursor. Mostly you get revolving planets, it's a really cool animation.
on Aug 23, 2006
Excellent looking cursors. Makes me want to use CursorXp again. I stopped because my lap is underpowered so was really CursorXP is a luxury. Though I realize it doesn't take all that many resources. Certainly reason here though to perhaps use it again. Nice job.
on Aug 23, 2006
thank u everyone!